Organizing the home and getting rid of clutter—these tasks are forever on my to-do list. And with an almost 1 year old, even IF I had the energy to tackle all the mess I don’t think she would even let me.

What I need are quick and easy cleaning and organizing hacks that help me get A LOT DONE with only minimal effort.

And minimal time, because that always seems to be something we’re short on, right?

Here are some of my favorite organization and decluttering hacks to help you keep a cleaner, more organized home in no time.

The best part? These hacks are super simple and will take under 20 minutes to complete. Just take on one a day and soon you’ll have clutter-free house!

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1. Get Rid Of Shoe Clutter FOREVER

When I see all the shoes piled up at the front door it immediately puts me in a bad mood.

And don’t even mention the shoes randomly scattered on the living room carpet or in the middle of the kitchen.

But there is something I can do about it RIGHT NOW.

If you have a small entryway—like I do—then you can save space AND minimize the shoe clutter by using a designated shoe bin to catch all the shoes.

And preferably a bin on wheels, like this one.

rolling shoe crate for storage


When your shoe storage is on wheels you can easily move it out of the way when needed. So simple!

If you’d rather DIY your own rolling shoe storage bin, just find a sturdy crate and add on casters. Or try out these easy DIY shoe storage benches that can be completed in just one afternoon!

diy shoe storage bench organization




Lucky for me, I already have this Ikea cart on hand, and it’s also great for organizing shoes on different levels so that my nicer shoes don’t get dirty being buried with my everyday outdoor shoes.

Now that you have your shoe solutions—MAKE IT A PRIORITY to use these to store your shoes! It may take some time for your family to unlearn bad habits, but being a stickler on this for a short period of time WILL change behavior in the long run.

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