Do you have a hard time keeping an organized home?

Staying on top of all the clutter isn’t easy. Especially with all the errands, practices, appointments, and play dates we are juggling.

When you’re busy, cleaning and organizing is usually that last thing that gets done.

So here’s what we need to do: we need to lean into the busy. We need to start finding solutions that actually help us keep an organized home that work WITH our busy schedules.

Here are some great ways to actually stay on top of all the mess—and these ideas are practically EFFORTLESS.

Tackle the most cluttered areas in your home with these easy solutions and you’ll never deal with a cluttered house again!

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1. Easy Ways To Organize Your Entryway

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Is your entryway the most chaotic place in your house? Mine is.

When everyone comes home it’s like a tornado came through—shoes are scattered, coats are draped over chairs or haphazardly on the overflowing coat rack, and bags and purses are just slumped on the ground.

The key to fix all of this? Give everything a place!

Establishing a catch-all station for each of these items can bring about instant organization.

BUT keep in mind—in order to stay on top of the clutter you have to sift through the catch-all regularly, at least once every few weeks.

Doing so will guarantee this space—which is intended to be an organizing solution—doesn’t become an overflow free-for-all and just one more cluttered eyesore you’ll have to live with.

I mean, why should you let those flip flops take up space in the shoe bin when it’s the middle of January? Clear out the entryway catch-all when seasons change.

So find a home for shoes, be it a large wicker basket or mounted racks on the walls, and give coats and bags a resting place using creative and stylish hooks. Add mounted bins or baskets to catch-all the random knick-knacks your family will inevitably leave all over the house.

Better yet, designate a bin for each family member to hold all their junk—gum, chapstick, wallets, earbuds, pocket change, etc.—and never worry about where any of these items are placed again. Then, make it a goal for each person to go through their bin once a week and put items away.

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