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The Best Nightstands For Your Small Bedroom

Best nightstands to meet your small bedroom needs! Don’t sacrifice storage for style, because these HAVE BOTH! Keep your bedroom organized by using the right nightstand to hold all the necessities you want right beside you as you drift off into dreamland.

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8 Tips To Get Your Backyard Party Ready FAST

Getting your backyard party ready can seem to be an immense task. BUT you can get all you need to get done to host that outdoor BBQ quickly—and cheaply too. Most of these tips and ideas can be completed all in one weekend, if you’re up for it. And why not knock them all out at once? Then you can celebrate. With a party.

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I’m Kelly, a new mom and fellow big baby birthing, pump-part scrubbing, night-time zombie rocking, and knock-down-drag-out nursing survivor.

Now that I’m eight months into my life as a stay-at-home mommy, I feel like I’m finally getting into a daily rhythm with my little one (a.k.a Squiggles).

Even though there are tough moments, I know that these all come with a sprinkle of joy. Join me as we explore the highs and lows of motherhood – embracing and finding joy in EACH moment.

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