It’s hard to find outdoor patio furniture for cheap.

And when it comes to most DIY outdoor sofas and lounges, they can be pretty involved.

I mean, nothing’s worse than gearing up and starting a project only to realize it’s going to take you WAY TOO LONG to finish.

So I curated a great list of easy DIY outside furniture that will look great in your backyard or your front porch.

And the best part? You can complete ALL of these projects in ONE WEEKEND.

Most you can even finish in a day.

So get ready to make the easiest outdoor furniture.

And make sure to celebrate your awesome success with a party and show off your handy work!

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Transform your deck or patio with these easy DIY outdoor furniture ideas. Buying your own outdoor furniture or lounges can be expensive, but these ideas are cheap and can be completed in just one day!

Cinderblock Approach

Using cinderblocks and boards may sound a little clunky, but the final result doesn’t have to look that way. There are plenty of ideas out there that make using just a few simple elements like these sophisticated.

Cinder Block Bench via aCreativeTraveler

The final product is clean and looks high-end. Plus, the video tutorial makes this diy bench project super easy to complete.

Outdoor Succulent Bench via A Kailo Chic Life

Why not incorporate a bit of your garden into your seating solution? I love how sleek this design is. It looks so polished and yet even someone with barely any design skills—like me—can pull it off. Get the full tutorial here.

Cinder block Bench With 2′ by 4’s Top via Jen Chu Design

Okay, so there isn’t a tutorial that comes with this contemporary bench idea, but seeing as the base is designed similarly to this cinder block bench I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to do yourself.

The Pallet and Crates Approach

Remember when pallets were all the rage on Pinterest? Well I do. I pinned up all those creative projects and even went so far as to collect a few pallets myself so I could try these projects out.

Well, so my husband could try these projects out.

But in the end nothing ever came of those pallets and they got tossed right back in the trash.

We didn’t have the time or energy to transform them into something new.

But with these pallet ideas you don’t do anything—well barely anything—to the pallets.

  • step 1 – get pallets
  • step 2 – clean and check for loose nails and splintered wood and remove/replace as needed
  • step 3 – sand down
  • step 4 – paint if desired
  • step 5 – arrange and nail in place

So Simple. Here are two ideas that will look great in any backyard:

The Outdoor Sofa

Okay, so these DIY lounge options may take a bit more time—like a whole weekend instead of just a Saturday. If you choose to attempt these projects, make the most of your time by doing some of the most time-consuming tasks in advance: double-checking your measurements and getting your wood (and get it pre-cut at the store!) and materials.

Anna White’s 2′ by 4′ Sectional

This is the one my husband made on his birthday. My gift to him was wood and some time to himself to build something, and he built the first part of this sectional in just a few hours.

Easy Rustic Outdoor Sofa via HomeMade Modern

This modern sofa was the one my husband wanted to build—only because it was a little bit easier. You may need someone to help you hold pieces in place, but this outdoor sofa can also be completed in just a weekend.

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Did any of these projects inspire you? Share what you are working on—post a comment!

The best outdoor furniture you can DIY and cheaply too! This is what you need to make your backyard, porch, deck, or patio LOOK AWESOME!