Chocolate at every meal? And healthy too? Now that’s a dream come true.

But let’s be honest, you had me at chocolate.

Chocolate – well, dark chocolate, has soooo many health benefits. It can help fight heart disease, boost your mood, and can even help protect you from getting sunburn

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Yep, chocolate’s got it all. It’s our period-beater, breakup-healer, …and not to mention romance-inducer (wink, wink).

So why not eat chocolate at every meal? Try these recipes for a full day of oh-so-yummy chocolatly (and healthy) goodness!


chocolate smoothie bowl

It’s not so hard to have chocolate at breakfast. It IS hard to make it healthy. These options are great ways to get your chocolate fix in the A.M.


chocolate chili recipe

This one’s a bit more tricky. I mean, how do you do you add chocolate to a salad? Well, apparently there is a way, and it looks divine.


chocolate hummus

Of course you can always grab a Chocolate and Peanut Butter LaraBar (or heck, even a full-blown chocolate bar), but are you just a little bit intrigued by chocolate hummus?


chocolate pesto steak

Somedays you just want to end the day with a nice, juicy steak. Add chocolate to this? Perfecto.


how to eat chocolate at every meal and feel good about it too

Eat Chocolate at EVERY MEAL and feel good about it too! Healthy ways to incorporate chocolate in breakfast, lunch and dinner!