2. Pick a Style and a Color Scheme

Getting your backyard party ready can seem to be an immense task. BUT you can get all you need to get done to host that outdoor BBQ quickly—and cheaply too. Most of these tips and ideas can be completed all in one weekend, if you're up for it. And why not knock them all out at once? Then you can celebrate. With a party. Tip two - pick a color scheme for your backyard patio

When we first bought our house I was in a rush to get all we needed to make our outdoor space usable. I bought chairs here and there off Craigslist and by no time I plenty of seating and tables to host a big outdoor party.

The only problem was nothing really went together.

It looked like my deck and backyard just looked like a mini flea market with all the different shapes and textures and styles.

Which, honestly, is fine when you’re young.

But now I’m in my 30s, have a family, and I feel like it’s time for a bit more sophiscation.

THIS DOESN’T MEAN SPENDING MORE MONEY. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drop $700 or more on an outdoor lounge set.

It DOES mean I need to spend more time planning and truly know the look I’m aiming for.

For you to know what you want and to end up with a look that is cohesive, begin by deciding on a style theme for your space. Will you go rustic? If so, old barrels, galvanized basins, antique watering cans, and other flea market finds may be exactly what you want. Are you thinking farmhouse? Then you may want to look into getting a farmhouse-style outdoor patio table or making own yourself to center the space. Seeking a modern vibe? Clean edges, simplicity, and geometrics are where you could start.

Next you’ll want to pick a color scheme to stick to. This will give you some guidance when looking for pillows and accent decor—limiting down the selection is actually HELPFUL when it comes to decorating a space.

Set your path and don’t stray too far from it and you’ll find you have a nice selection of pieces that gel well together.