When you have a small bedroom, finding the right nightstand to fit your space can be difficult.

Most bedside tables are bulky, and the ones that actually do provide decent storage just end up taking up way too much space.

And—if you’re like me—sacrificing storage is not the answer.

I’m fairly clean and tidy, but it’s almost impossible for my beside table to be COMPLETELY clutter free.

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I need something that works with my small bedroom, is stylish, and can have a space for all my junk.

Sound impossible?

Well good news—these nightstand ideas are great for small spaces, and they all come with enough room to store all that you might need!

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The Best Nightstands To Solve Your Small Bedroom Problems

Combine Your Reading Lamp Into Your Nightstand

lamp and crate nightstand combo


Get crafty with some crates and create this nifty bedside table that works with your needs.

Need light? Check.

Need a book or magazine? Check.

Need storage? Okay, you get the idea.

I love that these crates can just swivel around the lamp for easy access—definitely a must.

Spice this nightstand up with a splash of color by painting the forward-facing edges something vibrant.