5. Or DIY Your Own Clothes Drying Rack Using Ikea Towel Bars

Ikea clothes drying station laundry room

This laundry drying hack is completely customizable—you can add as many Ikea towel bars and racks as you might need.

I love that this solution is flexible and can work with whatever your needs are in the moment. Depending on where you set up your clothes drying station you could dry a lot of clothes! Check out the full tutorial here.

6. Save A Place For All The Lint

lint bin 2


You know how you have lint in balls up top of the dryer or collecting in piles on the floor? And you know how there’s just no room to put a trash can right there because the dryer door gets in the way?

THIS is your solution, and to DIY this wall-mounted lint bin couldn’t be easier. You don’t even have to buy a basket to use for this, just use an old cereal box and paint it.

7. Display your Detergent Pods, Clothespins, and Knick-Knacks

insanely brilliant ways to keep your laundry room clutter-free

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Because why not? You’ve got to have some of these items, and the rest of the junk you just can’t really avoid—so why not find a more stylish way to store the random items you find in the dryer  by incorporating this clutter into your design?

Use a glass penny candy jar like this to store any detergent pods or clothes pins you have lying around.

Grab mini tin cans or buckets and hang them on the wall or put them on a shelf to collect all those washed up receipts, hair ties, bobby pins, and all other pocket junk stragglers you might find.

8. Deal with Loose Change



You know all that change that piles up on to the dryer and eventually gets all sticky from the inevitable puddles of spilled detergent?

Or is that just how it goes at my house?

No matter how pristine your laundry room is, chances are someone in your household will end up leaving their leftover change in their pockets.

And you’ll need to find a place to put it all.

Setting up a change jar or bin on the wall to collect all the loose change is so clever. You don’t need much and you probably have most of the materials just lying around the house right now.

If you have a shelf or room for a shelf in your laundry room, you could also get a fun piggy bank to store change too. This kinda brings out our inner child doesn’t it?

piggy banks for collecting loose change in the laundry room

My favorites are a traditional piggy bank like this and this gold pineapple coin jar that will go well with any decor.

9. Catch-All Station For Laundry Clutter

laundry catch all organization

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All the previous ideas for dealing with loose change and missing socks are great, but you could opt to combine these solutions into a catch-all station to meet ALL your organization needs.

I love how well this idea works when you are short on space too.  All you really need is a wooden board, wire baskets, a small tin bucket, and a few clothes pins.

You don’t even have to paint the board—you could use some rustic wood contact paper to get the look you want.

Ikea kitchen racks make a great option for a catch-all station in the laundry room, and these are cheap too!