Some days it can be impossible to get anything done. And forget putting everything aside until nap time … and now you’re asking me to do some yoga during the ONLY window I have to accomplish something?????

Yes, I know, I sound crazy.

But here’s what I’ve found out: when I plan on using nap time for completing chores, or for working, it’s like SHE KNOWS.

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As soon as you make nap time about getting your to-do list done, baby will decide that standing in the crib and throwing the pacifiers on the floor is much better than a 2+ hour nap.

Most days all I get is 20 minutes. And there’s not much on my t0-do list that can be done in this time. Even if I try to accomplish a small task I still end up feeling more overwhelmed and drained than I was before Squiggles gave me that precious short break.

So I’m giving up on trying to make nap time about getting chores done. I’ve decided to make it all about me.

And I think you should do that too.

Here’s what I’m suggesting: put aside that to-do list and try out a quick yoga routine instead.

Why? Because yoga is good for you. I’m not talking about looking better—well, it does that too—I’m talking about how yoga actually improves your mind and helps to relieve stress.

As moms we know what it’s like to be stressed. The stretching via various yoga poses releases stress trapped in our muscles. All that baby carrying, bent-over nursing, late night rocking stress.

Not to mention that mountain of dishes that needs cleaning or that work presentation that needs prepping while your toddler has a tantrum and throws his Cheerios all over the floor at Target stress.

Take a few deep breathes, remind yourself that it will all get done eventually, and try out some of these yoga routines for your own rejuvenation next time you get a precious 10-20 minutes to yourself.

1. 10 Minute Yoga for Unwanted Lower Back and Shoulder Stress via Health Central

This routine will provide instant relaxation. You’ll finish the 10 minutes with your brain feeling clearer and your body feeling looser. Exactly what you need to chase the kiddos around all afternoon…again.

2. Beat Mid-Day Fatigue with Kathryn Budig’s 10 Minute Yoga Routine

Banish all the stress and anxiety that’s been building up with this 10 minute yoga workout. Allow yourself to breathe in deeply, exhale, and soak in all the benefits of just letting this be your time. The dishes, the laundry, the cooking … these can all wait, because YOU and your mental health are more important.

3. De-stress in 10 Minutes with These 7 Poses via StyleCraze

This yoga routine focuses on releasing all that stress that gets trapped in our muscles to help you relax. Just what you need after a morning of toddler tantrums and diaper blowouts.

4. This 15-Minute Yoga Routine is Better Than Coffee via Fitness Republic

Better than coffee? I found that hard to believe. So I tried this routine out when Squiggles went down for her nap yesterday. And guess what … I actually DID feel more alert than I did after my morning coffee.

So for someone who’s looking to stay alert while also cutting back on the caffeine, this set of yoga poses is a keeper.

5. 20 Minute Full Body Yoga Workout via SoMuchYoga

This sequence is full of beginner yoga poses while also throwing in a few challenging ones too. If you have the time, hold each pose for a bit longer or take longer breaks in between each pose.

Sometimes 10-20 minutes is all we get when it comes to nap time. So make the most of it and do something in those 20 minutes that is restorative, restful, and re-energizes you to keep on being mommy!

5 quick and relaxing yoga routines you can do during nap time AND why you should!