Are you always looking for storage ideas to solve your small bedroom problems?

I am.

I’ve tried everything too—organizing my closet, buying more shelving units, decluttering, raising my bed to fit more storage containers underneath…everything.

Everything EXCEPT making the most of the space in my bedroom that is most often overlooked and under utilized: the walls.

Usually we want to cover our walls with pretty pictures and art to look at, but that we lose out on valuable space to store all that clutter that we just have to have accessible.

But what if we could use our bedroom walls to store and organize clutter in a way that’s actually pleasing to look at too?

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Well there is! Check out these great easy ideas to maximize your small bedroom and kick the clutter by using your walls!

Decorate Your Bedroom Walls With Pegboards

DIY-Pegboard-Hat-Rack-ideas- and catch-all


Pegboards are no longer just for organizing your gardening tools in the garage.

Instead these can make great accent pieces that double as wall art AND storage for all your bedroom clutter.

Opt for a modern clean style with light birch and wooden shelves and pegs to hang your purse and hat after a long day. You could even set out your clothes and accessories the night before and make getting ready in the morning soooo much easier.

pegboard into decor


Or make a fun art project out of an existing peg board to style and organize your jewelry and sunglasses. Use a design and follow this tutorial for stylish way to catch all your daily necessities and keep them from cluttering your nightstand or dresser tops.

You could even spray paint your pegboard a vibrant color or a shiny metallic to give your bedroom some added pop and glam.

Creative Scarf Storage

modular storage to put accessories and scarves


I love a pretty scarf, and I’ve accumulate quite a few of these over the years.

Right now they are just hanging up in a lonely bag in my closet—but THERE IS a way to actually incorporate these into your bedroom design WHILE ALSO keeping your space looking clean and organized.

Paint round hat boxes and mount them on the wall for instant wall art that is functional too. Use contact paper inside the boxes for added appeal, or paint using contrasting colors to add some more excitement.

The great thing about this circular storage solution is that it is perfect for storing scarves and other items that would normally end up thrown on the ground or tucked away in a closet, never to be seen again.

If an even easier and stylish storage solution is what you’re after, I’ve got you covered.

With hooks.

scarves and necklaces on walls with hooks

And not just any hooks—pretty hooks. Like anthropologie-pretty hooks.

Or like these anthropologie-like hooks that are WAY CHEAPER.

I also love these faux wooden stick hooks or these natural-wood style modern knobs.

Just stagger your hooks along one of your bedroom walls and drape your favorite scarves around each hook.

I mean, this is SO effortless and the end result is stunning and clean.

PLUS you will never forget about that scarf that goes oh so well with your outfit because everything is all organized and in it’s own place.


Use Those Hooks

ikea wall hooks bedroom wall storage


Speaking of hooks, they don’t always have to be the flowery-colorful-feminine kind.

They can be sleek and modern too and still turn something basic—like your clutter—into a storage solution that’s simple and pleasing to look at.

Take these Ikea BJÄRNUM hooks. Using just one might make for a useful place to hang your purse, but it doesn’t do much to improve the overall look and feel of your bedroom.

Use say, 24, in evenly-space rows on one wall? Okay, now that’s got direction.

Now make that bedroom wall an accent wall by painting it a bold color? Now we’re talking.

This hook arrangement is a great way to make use of your wall space and keep those floors clutter-free. Hang up your coat, place your shoes on a rack, and give your hat that perfect resting place.

The best way to make this wall storage solution something that actually beautifies your bedroom is to use items with a simple, clean look and to use your space efficiently.

First instance, your champagne pumps probably add a bit more style to the room than your lime-green tennis shoes, so choose to display the pumps on the wall instead.

Now, maybe a wall full of hooks isn’t for you. What about just one row?

ikea hooks on wall with baskets bedroom wall storage

Hang up a bulletin-board, chalkboard, or even a clipboard with a vintage print above each hook, and get some baskets like these to use as clutter catch-alls.

A great use of that spare wall that will help keep your bedroom organized too.

I also love these modern different-sized circular knobs. Get a few in different sizes and create your one knob/hook display that provides great storage for your everyday items too!

minimalist coat hooks wall display

Organize Your Jewelry

Think your jewelry and accessories have no place being stored on your bedroom walls? Think again!

These are just two easy DIYs that you could finish in just a few hours, and the end result gives your space a ton of character.

jewelry storage wood blocks


I love these hanging jewelry blocks, and you can customize these in any color (though gold is super trendy right now and it looks great!).

Stagger these in sets of 3 and hang your necklaces, watches, and bracelets for easy access and stylish storage.

Or if you’re seeking a more vintage vibe, up-cycle an old door or window using chicken wire to keep your earrings and sunglasses from cluttering up your nightstand.

accessories board


You could even add a print or poster to the back vintage accessory board to make it blend in more with your bedroom decor and make it stand out as a functional art piece.

Keep Belts And Socks Off The Floor: Give Them a Place to Shine!

This is the type of clutter has been the biggest issue in our bedroom—my husband leaves his belts and socks ALL OVER  the floor!

The idea of using old Coke crates as decorative wall storage is so perfect for me, because it goes well with my farmhouse-styled decor in my bedroom AND I actually have a few of these lying around!

coke crate tie sock belt and scarf storage 3


Although this picture shows these crates storing rolled up ties, I would be a little nervous that my husband’s nice ties might snag with the old wood.

BUT these crates are a perfect place to stash his patterned socks. AND his belts.

If you actually want to hide all the mess your husband or kids—or (gasp!)  you—leave lying scattered in your bedroom, try arranging some of these Ikea Trone shoe cabinet shelves on your walls for an instant place to put all that clutter.

ikea-trones-bedroom-storage-solution - diy makeover


What’s great about these shoe cabinet shelves is that you can spray paint them to match your bedroom colors, mount them in an arrangement similar to the one shown, and throw in a few picture frames or some potted succulents and you’ve got a wall worthy of applause.

This would be an awesome solution for toy clutter in a kids bedroom too—these shelves are a great way to make toy pick up fun!

Display Your Shoes

shoes on molding


Are you a shoe fanatic? Don’t resolve to shoving your pumps and wedges into the back your closet—set them out for all to see!

Use molding to create decorative shoe racks on your walls, then pick out your best shoes to hang up.

What I like about this idea is that it keeps your shoes from cluttering the floor and puts them in view, making it easier to plan out your outfits each day!

Set Up A Stand-By Station For Your Not-Yet-Ready-To-Wash Clothes

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m NOT a fan of doing laundry.

It doesn’t help our laundry room is in the basement and I have to swipe for spiderwebs every time I go down there.

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AND I’ll also admit that I wear the same pants multiple times a week.

It’s just easier. And on those days when I’m lucky and my clothes don’t get smeared with sticky fingers or avocado hands, I count it as a win and throw those clothes on the floor to wear again… tomorrow.

But what I really need is a stand-by station for those not-yet-ready-to-be-washed clothes.

mirror with hooks to hang up robes and clothes you throw on floor



This station doesn’t have to be all that complex, a one-and-done solution like this is all you really need.

Or this more rustic farmhouse-styled shelf like this.

farmhouse wall shelf for loose clothes and hats


A stand-by station is perfect to hang up all those clothes we immediately shed after work.

And then we put on our sweatpants.

This solution keeps your clothes from cluttering the floor and keeps them nice for another day of wearing.

Save Space and Turn Your Desk Into A Work of Art

fold down desk for bedroom


Our master bedroom is pretty small, and even though we have an office space in the house it is still our bedroom that gets overwhelmed with paper clutter.

If your tight on space in your bedroom but you still want a workspace or a place to store papers, why not try for a small space-saving desk like this?

The great part about a wall-mounted desk is that you can actually turn this into a piece of art. Paint the cover with chalkboard paint (or use chalkboard contact paper like this) or find a nice print or decal.


These are some great ideas to keep up with clutter in your bedroom by keeping off the floor and displaying it—stylishly—on your walls! What are some of the ways you handle bedroom clutter?

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