I had heard that I shouldn’t expect to the leave the hospital after I’d had my baby and immediately be able to fit in my skinny jeans. And honestly, even if I hadn’t been told that, I knew enough about biology to know that my postpartum body wouldn’t drop a 60+ lbs weight gain – even with an 11 lb pound baby – in just a few days.

I was also told the belly pouch would linger. I did think my body could get around this little snag. I’ve been decently in shape for most of my life, I mean –  only the women that don’t work out during their pregnancies keep the pouch, right?


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Here I am nine months later and I’m still fighting the pouch – and a lingering fifteen or so pounds. But, I’ve learned to embrace my postpartum mama bod. My body did this amazing thing a few months ago, and since then I’ve been through breastfeeding struggles and re-hospitalization and figuring out this whole mom thing.

It is a victory if I even make it to the gym once a week.

And I’m okay with that.

But, finding something to wear can sometimes be different story. Especially in those first few months.

If you’re a mama who’s body did not bounce back – like me – here are some of my favorite go-to wardrobe staples that will look great while still allowing you to mom on!


I normally wear these anyway, so I already had a bunch. You want ones that make it easy to breastfeed without having to lift up your shirt so you don’t have to show your postpartum tummy to the world. Target is the perfect spot for cheap tanks – and I love that these tops are so long to cover up any unsightly bits.

V-Necks are super great for nursing too – I made sure I had a few in staple colors (black, navy, white, gray, etc).


If you want to buy legit nursing tops – go for it. But I found them all to be too pricey (and too hard to put on, but maybe that’s just me). Plus, I hated that I couldn’t try any on since most were only available online.

Instead, I did my best to work with what I already had. Have a shirt that’s loose fitting and won’t wrinkle too bad when you lift it up? Put it on over a layering tank and you’re all set.


These make for easy access (you know what I mean). I’m a flannel and plaid fan, but if you’re not then a nice chambray shirt is perfect to dress up or dress down.


Now’s the time to make use of those flowy, oversized cardigans. If you don’t have any, get this Bobeau Fleece Wrap Cardigan from Nordstrom (only $39 right now!). PERFECT for nursing, and first to wear at any time – pregnant, not-pregnant, nursing, not-nursing. And Postpartum you will love this.


I’m the kind of girl who normally only wears leggings when it’s chilly out. But the gFast high rise herringbone ⅞ leggings from Gap have won me over. Leggings all day everyday. They are amazing!

High-waisted leggings really help cover and hold in that postpartum baby belly. I realized I was always buying leggings that felt too tight, so I gave myself a break and went up a size. Now I feel so comfy and I actually FEEL skinnier (weird right?). Here’s another pair that’s got my eye.

Bottom line? The right pair of leggings can do wonders.


I wore maxi skirts and a fleece wrap cardigan everyday in my first few weeks of baby. They are great for the postpartum body – especially in the summer. I’m a fan of the stretchy jersey kind – and I love this black maxi from Athleta.


Don’t you just love that joggers are back in style? For a casual girl like me, who used to live in ugly sweatpants, this is a godsend. I wore these Gap studio striped panel joggers before baby (even to work!) and wear them every other day (rotated with my leggings) postpartum.


This will tie the whole outfit together and can be used as a make-shift nursing cover (of course, if your baby will tolerate it). BrickelleBrat on Etsy has some good affordable blanket scarves that are perfect.

I really needed these ideas! losing the baby weight is SO HARD, and I want to feel comfortable in my own clothes NOW! Pinning! #postpartum #postbabybelly #bellypooch #pregnancy #postpartumbody #newmom #losethebabyweight #style #fashion #momclothes #stylish #postpartumrecovery #casualoutfits #newbaby #nursing #nursingtank #breastfeeding

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