Everyone says you need freezer meals for when after the baby comes. What they don’t tell you is that you probably won’t have time to sit down and eat a meal like you used to. Yes, babies sleep a lot.

But a lot of times they fall asleep in your arms.

Or nursing.

Or during those precious skin-to-skin cuddle sessions.

And the last thing you’ll want to do is move and disturb baby. Not just because it’s not worth the risk of baby waking, but also because you will want to savor these moments.

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Baby snuggles are the best snuggles, and it is usually during these tender moments that you realize you are STARVING.

Forget trying to eat lasagna one-handed while lying in bed with a sleeping baby on your chest. Instead, make these yummy freezer meals that are QUICK TO COOK and EASY TO EAT so you can soak up every last minute of baby cuddles (without having a rumbly mama tummy).

1. Breakfast Burrito Bonanza via Mom on Time Out


2. Freezer Smoothie Packs via Dessert Now Dinner Later

Dessert Now Dinner Later make ahead Smoothies

3. Ham and Cheese Stromboli via Happy Money Saver

stromboli-seven happy money saver

4. Muffin Meatloaf via Some the Wiser


5. Enchilada Stuffed Sweet Potatoes via Sweet Peas and Saffron


6. Homemade French Fries via Kitchn

the kitchn french fries

7. Black Bean Quinoa Freezer Burritos via Yummly/The Muffin Myth

black bean burrito

8. Freezer Friendly Chicken Nuggets via Make the Best of Everything

homemade chicken nuggets you can freeze

9. Homemade Hot Pockets via Happy Money Saver

homemade hot pockets you can freeze

There you have it, freezer meals that are easy to eat too! If you have more ideas I’d love to hear them!

Easy freezer meals to make for when baby comes. Best Part? These meals are EASY TO EAT TOO! Especially when you're got a sleeping baby in your lap!