Little baby hands and feet… I can still remember that first moment I held my daughter’s hand. She was so tiny and precious, I wanted to just sit and hold that sweet little hand forever.

Well, it’s true what they say—your baby’s first year goes by FAST. I can’t believe my daughter is almost 1, and while she’s still tiny, she’s no longer that tiny.

Now I find myself thinking about how quickly she’s growing up and what I need to do, like yesterday, to preserve some of that tiny baby cuteness to look back on.

I mean, I could vow to never wash the dishwasher so I can stare at those sticky baby handprints or all eternity.

But that might be just a little crazy.

Because there are other much more special ways to preserve those baby handprints and footprints than an on an unwashed kitchen appliance.

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These ideas are so simple I’m seriously kicking myself for waiting UNTIL NOW to do them!

And don’t hold back because you’re afraid to get ink all over you and baby, opt for one of these mess-free handprint / footprint kits instead!

1. Family Handprint

family handprints


If you haven’t done a family handprint yet, I’d say get on it. Every time I look at ours I think back to the moment when we became a family of three. Like all these baby handprint and footprint art and keepsake ideas, this would make for a great gift. Especially for Mother’s Day!