Do you have difficulty keeping your laundry room clean and organized? I do.

My laundry room is my LEAST favorite room in the house—and it is probably the space I spend the most time.

There’s loose change and bobby pins and lint scattered all over the ground and spilled detergent all over the washer and dryer.

The utility sink’s a mess, and don’t get me started on the queue of laundry baskets piling up.

So I’m saying enough’s enough—it’s time to upgrade and organize my laundry room into a place where I ACTUALLY want be in.

If you’re feeling fed up with all the random wads of paper and loose socks cluttering your laundry room, join me in implementing these downright genius ideas to get your laundry room organized.

Just trying out a few of these ideas will transform your space in no time.

I mean, these are some of the most simple DIYs I’ve seen—so what do we have to lose?

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1. Find A Mate For Single Socks

laundry room sock organization ideas

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Socks without matches is one of life’s greatest (or maybe littlest… on the grand scheme of things) frustrations.

I can never find the right pairs to my socks, which is why I’ve given up on me.

Well, on locating the matches to my socks that is.

I’m convinced my lonely socks has disappeared into some other parallel universe—maybe the Upside Down? Or more likely the unknown world behind the washer and dryer.

In either case, I’m not going in after them.

I don’t mind going matchless.

My husband is a different story—he actually DOES put both his socks in the laundry bin and is successful in retrieving a matching pair on the other side.

I used to be okay with this balance when it came to the socks in our relationship, but now that I have little baby socks to search for I need a better system. (okay, just A SYSTEM).

Enter the Single Socks Wall / Clothes Line. I love this idea and I’ll be adding some twine, some wooden clothespins, and hooks to my Amazon cart and making one of these lonely socks signs this weekend.

2. Pretty Up Your Laundry Detergent Using Glass Canisters Or Bins

genius ideas to makeover your laundry room

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Laundry detergent containers aren’t the prettiest things to look at, and it’s not hard to do a simple makeover using glass drink dispensers like these.

You could even do a fun take on a coffee or drink station and use creamer jars as a replacement for detergent cups like this.

If you’re not a fan of glass containers and want an even easier solution, you could just get some metal storage bins like these to quickly hide all those unsightly detergent bottles.

Or even wicker baskets would be great to cover up all those bottles and extraneous cleaning supplies.

Label your glass and metal bin canisters using these simple chalkboard stickers for easy and stylish organization.

3. Use A Pegboard to Store Supplies and Cleaning Supplies If Short on Space



The pegboard is such an overlooked invention that—when it comes down to it—really does provide a solution to most of our organization problems.

And this especially goes for laundry rooms.

All you need is a large pegboard sheet, some hooks, and some baskets and your laundry room has now become the most clean and organized room in the house.

Throw up a motivating quote or pretty print and now it actually feels like a place you can hang out in… well okay, a place you can actually be in without feeling overwhelmed by the mess.

4. Save Room with Expandable Clothes Hanging Racks

foldable clothes rack


Expandable racks are—next to pegboards—one of the best ideas out there. Why hang your dress shirts on door knobs…or chairs…or railings…or on the treadmill and create even more mess around the house?

No, make space for all those items that need to be air-dried or ironed in your laundry room using an expandable folding clothes hanging rack like this.